We protect your video games on PC

Our mission statement is to bring the next generation in anti-piracy by combining these goals to protect your video games, your ROI and your reputation:

  • Satisfy you by increasing your turn-over significantly.
  • Satisfy the gamer by not harming the gameplay experience at all.
  • Satisfy the piracy communities by offering a weakened version when you decide to do this. We anticipate on negative comments on influential communities.


Our anti-tamper does not require an internet connection

No Driver Installation

We do not impose additional driver installations

No Framedrops

Our protection has no impact at all on the game performance

No HDD Consumption

Our protection does not generate additional HDD data transfers

Try our protection on a first game against cost-price…

Do you have an upcoming game?

Protecting your game is no longer a nightmare: We do not change any code in the game-loop, so end-users will be happy with the optimal performance of your game. Besides the advantages for your end-users, our protection will not interfere with your product development neither. Your QA team does not need to retest the entire game ; once the game starts and the main functions have been checked, you know that everything else works exactly like it did before applying the protection. After a first profound validation of a protected beta version, the protection of the final version can be applied and tested in minutes.


What We Offer

We protect your games in a way you could only dream of.
By putting your customers first, we assures happy users while you leverage your ROI using our top-notch protection.

Our piracy monitoring service automatically announces the release of cracked versions of your games. We instantaneously warn you by email providing detailed information.

We keep track of piracy group members and reverse engineering communities within the legal provisions and obligations regarding the registration of hard- and soft piracy data.

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What People Say

If you really need additional DRM i suggest Valeroa @ValeroaSecurity which is consumer friendlier and which name isn't doomed already.

Twitter Member

"We understand that game publishers need to protect their games. We also understand that game buyers don't want to be punished because of piracy. We give both parties what they want." As much as I hate DRMs of any kind BUT if they can promise this, im with them.

Redditor r/CrackWatch

That is a huge step in the right direction for DRM, honestly if all the issues with DRM can be eliminated (effecting the paying customer) then I have no problem with DRM

Redditor r/CrackWatch

"We do not hunt pirates that only crack the weakened version!"
This actually sounds pretty reasonable. Let game have its two weeks, then throw it in front of those who never pay. Everyone is happy.

Redditor r/CrackWatch

Valeroa really sounds like a better alternative which also doesn't needs internet connections and so probably also eliminate the risk of Games not running because of Server issues etc.

Steam Community Member